Ill Mondo

Ill Mondo is a hip-hop production duo based in the SF bay area. Consisting of JRK (Wide Hive Records) and Johnny Red (One Little Indian Records), Ill Mondo takes as much influence and inspiration from 70’s rock and soul as they do from 90’s hip-hop. Last year, Ill Mondo released their debut album: a collaboration with LA rapper Neal Rames, featuring legendary guests like Percee P, Sean Price, and Prince Po. The album received high critical praise and stayed at #9 on the CMJ Hip-Hop charts for 2 weeks. Ill Mondo's newest album, De Novo, is a psychedelic exploration of epic proportions. Recorded on classic, vintage equipment in authentic 70's style, Ill Mondo employed dozens of studio musicians and a variety of vocalists to complete the album. The recordings started with a Kraut-rock influenced studio jam session, and the sessions were edited down before extensive overdubbing; Mellotron flutes and strings blend with live horn and string sections, latin percussion accents against the funky drums and a full choir section complements the space echo guitars. Each song features a different vocalist with a vast range of influence, including R&B, Folk, and Blues Rock. The result is as if David Axelrod produced a Funkadelic album with Talking Heads. Featuring a credit list of over 25 players, expert recording and mixing, Ill Mondo's De Novo is authentic psychedelic music with a funky rock edge that sounds just as at home in 1973 as it does today.



Cars & Trains - Rusty String (Vinyl Re-issue)

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Careful - The World Doesn't End

STREET DATE » 04/22/2014 “The World Doesn’t End” is the fourth full-length release by Careful, the meticulously crafted solo project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Eric Lindley.

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